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Vibrent Gold Facial Lift Bar

Vibrent Gold Facial Lift Bar

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Power Source: Dry Battery

Origin: Mainland China

Type: Face wrinkle weight loss tool

Model Number: R-008

Size: Medium

Manufacturing Process: Machine Made

Function: Anti Wrinkle

Function: Lifting

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Product Name: Magic Wand T-Thinking Face Wrinkle Eye Bag

Massage method: electric vibration

Color: gold

Rated voltage: DC 1.5V

Total length: 195mm

Frequency: 6000 rotations per minute

Handle diameter: 16mm



Product introduction:

1. T-shaped beauty stick is a very popular product, its T-shaped design and unique beauty effects, favored by beauty lovers, T-shaped beauty

2. With waterproof design, you don't have to worry about the product entering the water when you use it. Due to beauty

3. The face-lifting effect is remarkable. There are many types of beauty stick products on the market. The diversification of the market makes the quality of related products uneven. Our vision is to create Chinese beauty devices and wholeheartedly let you enjoy a healthy and happy fashion life, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed.


Product Features:

1. The face is firm, the relaxation is improved, and the face is lifted;

2. Smooth wrinkles, decree lines, crow's feet;

3. Lighten the spots, the skin is bright and shiny;

4. The skin is tight, white, smooth, young and 10 years old



Always use it 1-2 times a day, insist on doing facial massage, you will slowly discover that the face will remain beautiful for a longer period of time, from the first 3 hours to 6 hours, 12 hours, 18 hours, Until longer, permanent. As long as you insist on facial movement, beauty can be shaped for a long time. This is the same effect as body movement, insist! Persistence is victory, persistence can be beautiful!


Steps for usage:

1. Soothing the head lines and relaxing the scalp

Hold the tail of the beauty stick, the hand should be away from the forehead, and gently lift from the eyebrow to the forehead.

2. Improve eye bags, eye lines

Starting from the bottom of the corner of the eye, along the outer eye contour, the arc is pulled to the vicinity of the temple, taking care not to touch the eye.

3. Lifting and firming the skin

From the side of the nose or the corner of the mouth, follow the contour of the humerus and lift it under the humeral arch.

4. Exquisite double chin

Starting from the front of the chin, follow the contour of the front and lower jaw of the face, and pull it to the earlobe.


Product parameters:

Product Name: Magic Wand, T-Thinking Face, Wrinkle Eye Bag, Black Eyes, Fine-grain beauty stick

Color: gold

Massage method: electric vibration

Material: metal

Color: golden

Rated voltage: DC 1.5V

Frequency: 6000 rotations per minute

Total length: 195mm

Handle diameter: 16mm

T-shape head: 33*6mm

Bag size: 165*50mm



Package included:

1 x Energy Beauty Tool

1 x Manual

1 x Bag

1*Beautiful gift box(Optional)



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